I love Iran so much omfg


lantern slides taken by British general Percy Sykes in Iran ~1906-1909

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I love Pearl~ 

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Sign-ups fo the second issue of Queerly Comiqs are open!

Queerly Comiqs is a quarterly-published webzine for comics and art that revolve around Queer characters in any genre. Submissions can be anywhere from 1 page to 25 pages.

If you want to sign up, send us an ask

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remake / speedpaint-turned-finished-piece.


remake / speedpaint-turned-finished-piece.

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The Qizilbash of Kabul and His Bride

Painted in 1836 in Kabul, Afghanistan by Vigne Thomas Godfrey (1801-1863) with pencil, pen, ink, and watercolour.

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Anonymous said: I probably should've been more specific, sorry ^^; She is my oc of Shqiperia (Albania) The one who is on the shorter side with the black curly hair? I ran out of room-- Na vjen keq ! I hope that clears up confusion over who she represents -That one Anon who loves your blog

ahhh, I see hahah. I’d love to draw your Albania oc if you de-anon and give me some visual references too if possible? She sounds really cute but I fear getting things wrong already without visual reference lol 

but thank you, I’m glad you like my blog ;q;/!